Personalized printing

One of the greatest advantages of digital printing is the possibility to produce item-level serialized printouts. It means that every copy may include individual components and still be cheap to print.



• address labels,

• serial numbers on tickets, entrance cards, prescriptions,

• offers with addressee names,

• labels,

• order forms,

• returnable cards,

• discount coupons,

• invitation cards,

• greetings cards.


It is possible to personalize also pre-printed materials. For example, overprinting an address, barcode or other on offset printouts.

How to prepare your data for personalization

All you need to do is to save your sorted data in one of the following formats: MS Excel, Open Office Calc, *.csv, MS Access, *.txt, MS Word or other. Each data set should be a separate database record or a row in a text or spreadsheet file. For barcodes, please, specify the code format (e.g. EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF-14, ISBN, ISSN etc.) as well as code numerical values and their range.

See also: Why print digitally?, Black and white color printing, Digital color printing, How to prepare your materials for printing, How to send us you material.


Professional translations

Your documents are safe. TextPartner is an experienced translation vendor, operating in the market since 1997. As an active member of European Language Industry Association, TextPartner is continuously developing to help you achieve your business goals through translated documentation.


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