Are you having trouble handling large-volume translations?

The specific profile of our company's expertise has been determined by projects accomplished over the past decade. The largest of them comprised approx. 1.2 mln words that extended over 5,000 pages. If your documents are large, but you need to have them translated as soon as possible, the task would perfectly fit our profile!

More to that, you are offered expertise which coverts the translation of technical documents such as operating manuals, functioning, maintenance and safety instructions, catalogs, material specification sheets, training and marketing materials, software interfaces, insurance documents, branch certificates and a hundred others from English into Polish. See the page with translation samples. It lists the areas in which our expertise is the broadest.

With a single click, you can employ a team of experienced, full-time translators, with their total capacity exceeding 300 pages per week. Those persons cooperate using the latest, shared translation memories and glossaries. Their work is supervised by a professional editor and a quality controller. Quality control is recorded using the LISA QA Model 3.1 metric by the Localization Industry Standard Association.

Projects are handled by managers who coordinates the team's progress and keep the customer informed. Under the same roof, you can order your material to be optimized for printing, or even printed and delivered as a ready-to-use product.

Send your material and ask for a FREE sample of TextPartner's quality. When we receive your material, a project manager sets up the project that lets you trace the job as it progresses. When it is ready, the translated material is delivered back to you together with a detailed report on the services. If your documents are to be printed, TextPartner can save your precious time by preparing the hardcopies in its digital PrintShop.

We are proud to announce that TextPartner is an independent business entity that guarantees full confidentiality and protection for all information sent by customers. We will confirm this fact by signing an appropriate NDA with you, any time.

See also: quality management, resources, rules of confidentiality


Professional translations

Your documents are safe. TextPartner is an experienced translation vendor, operating in the market since 1997. As an active member of European Language Industry Association, TextPartner is continuously developing to help you achieve your business goals through translated documentation.


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