How much is it?

That is a good question and everybody wants to know a simple answer. If that was also one of the questions that came to your mind, we have good news for you! Translation is a cheap and popular service, and competition between its suppliers is considerable. Yet, if you send your material to TextPartner, you will receive a service that significantly differs from that offered by most competitors. That is because the methodology applied at TextPartner defines the term "translation" as a chain of multiple, interconnected services and checks. Those operations are hardly ever offered by other service providers. Even if they are, the extent to which you can use them differs significantly from supplier to supplier. By placing an order for "translation" with TextPartner, you really obtain:

– a free analysis of the source text and a study of project feasibility,

– well-formatted translated documents, just as the original material,

– the work of professional translator, proofreader and quality controller performed in accordance with the LISA QA Model 3.1 metric,

– free project management,

– free technical resources: project-based terminology lists and translation memories for reuse on new material,

– non-disclosure of information included in your materials,

– technical support concerning DTP and printing services.

To find the precise cost of "translation", your material needs to be measured. The standard word count is usually no good, as it does not differentiate words from symbols or non-translatable text such as links or web addresses. Our analysis tools can count repetitions and ignore non-translatable content, thus giving you a fair quote. To start with, we identify and/or mark the sections of text to be excluded from translation, e.g. tables with numeric data, web addresses. We also count the frequently occurring text, such as headers, footers, descriptions, captions, etc. Moreover, any new text can be compared against the content of an existing translation memory. For every match, a considerable discount is automatically counted.

Our price is based on objective and measurable results of source material analysis. Send us your material for a free quotation and TextPartner will responds with clear, comparable data. That will help you choose the offer that suits you best! Please, note that our price lists are not published for many practical reasons, among which are the use of a special tool for content analysis and a great number of format combinations, language pairs and delivery deadlines. If you do not have a budget endless linguistic updates, claims or amendments, feel free to send your material to TextPartner. We do our job bearing in mind that the end customer will view the quality of your products and services through the quality of materials describing them.

Send your material and ask for a FREE sample of TextPartner's quality. When we receive it, a project manager will set up the project that will let you trace the job as it progresses. When it is ready, the translated material will be delivered to you together with a detailed report on the services. If your documents are to be printed, TextPartner can save your precious time by preparing the hardcopies in its digital PrintShop.

Choose TextPartner and get more than you pay for!


Professional translations

Your documents are safe. TextPartner is an experienced translation vendor, operating in the market since 1997. As an active member of European Language Industry Association, TextPartner is continuously developing to help you achieve your business goals through translated documentation.


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