Here comes an example of text analysis results

Analyse Total (15 files):
Match TypesSegmentsWordsPercentPlaceables
Chars Total89,339
Context TM0000
95% - 99%1822,6441441
85% - 94%2242,8481562
75% - 84%1611,526840
50% - 74%38366211
No Match4414,18922191

It is important for you to understand what the results tell you, especially if you want to know how much the translation will cost you. Here is a brief explanation:

Match TypesSome segments repeat many times within the analyzed text, within the same file one in different files. Those are "Repetitions." Some segments may also be re-used from previous translations (100% matches), or they may resemble those (99% – 50% matches). Usually, segments matched below 75% are no great help for the translator. Others are a valuable asset, though, so for all those segments customers may expect nice discounts.
Generally, the higher the match, the higher the discount for the customer.
SegmentsThe smallest logical chunks of text are so called segments. Those are, for example, sentences or table cells or strings separated by formatting symbols.
WordsNumber of words.
PercentThis is the percentage of particular match types within the analyzed text. To illustrate this, an English technical manual may well have 20% of repetitions and 80% of new text to be translated (no matches). You may expect a decent discount for repetitions, but the remaining 80% will need to translated as new text. Later, if you make changes to the source document and need to do the same to the translation, an analysis will tell you exactly how similar the new text is to its previously translated version. It is likely that 80% of the text will be ready for re-use and thus you can expect a large discount for that portion of text.
Chars/WordThis is the average number of characters per word of the analyzed text.
Chars TotalThis is the total number of printed characters (without spaces, symbols or placeables).

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